Deklarácia práv človeka a občana z roku 1789

„Slobodná výmena myšlienok a názorov je jedným z najcennejších práv človeka: každý občan môže preto slobodne hovoriť, písať, tlačiť, tým nie je dotknutá jeho zodpovednosť za zneužitie tejto slobody v prípadoch stanovených zákonom.“

streda 12. augusta 2015

A little more about Slovak "diplomatic" mission in Taiwan

A video released recently on YouTube has shed a new and rather unfavourable light on former Slovak president Michal Kovac's son Michal's involvement in the signing of a fishy memo between several companies in Taiwan involving a stock exchange megafraud of €32 million, Hospodarske Noviny daily reports on pages 9 and 10 on Monday.
Even though the Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Ministry has stated that Kovac Jr. - who heads the Slovak Economy and Culture Office in Taipei - was present only passively as a guest at the ceremonial signing of the memo, the video shows him putting his signature to the document in the presence of the flags of Slovakia and the EU. Moreover, shortly before he signed the document he apologised for the absence of representatives from non-existent Czech-Slovak medical equipment giant Chirana Group, an alleged consortium of more than 300 companies with 4,000 employees in total and with an overall yearly turnover supposedly exceeding €1 billion.
Chirana Group is misusing in Taiwan the name and brand of real Slovak company Chirana, which belongs to M.O.C. Stara Tura (Trencin region). The signing of the memo between Taiwanese company Zodic Light World Technology, Chirana Group, the shady LAT Group and Taipei Medical University is described by Kovac Jr. on the video as a milestone and a new chapter in relations between Slovakia and Taiwan, with Kovac Jr. also pointing to his own "modest contribution".
As part of the contract, Zodic and Chirana Group pretended to have secured supplies of medical equipment worth €500 million to Latin America. Immediately after this piece of news was released in June 2014, Zodic issued 13.4 million shares, gaining €10.5 million in the process. The company had also engaged in a shady share issue in the past after announcing an alleged new invention related to the production of surgery equipment. It earned €20 million at the time.
Meanwhile, LAT Group from Honduras was represented by a certain Juan Rada, whose real name is Jan Emanuel Rada. LAT Group boasts on its website that jointly with Chirana Group it has 126 years of experience in the medical equipment business, but the company is registered in Canada and, according to the country's business registry, was set up only in 2012.
The Zodic bubble burst in June of this year after its own employees reported it to the police. It emerged that the holding was an empty shell without any research and production capacities. The €32 million that was extracted from shareholders has disappeared in European banks in the meantime.
The Slovak diplomat and ex-president's son lent a hallmark of trust to the whole operation, but as he enjoys diplomatic immunity he won't be subject to any investigation. At the same time, according to new Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Ministry press department director Juraj Tomaga, the ministry "doesn't have any reason to doubt his probity".