Deklarácia práv človeka a občana z roku 1789

„Slobodná výmena myšlienok a názorov je jedným z najcennejších práv človeka: každý občan môže preto slobodne hovoriť, písať, tlačiť, tým nie je dotknutá jeho zodpovednosť za zneužitie tejto slobody v prípadoch stanovených zákonom.“

piatok 4. septembra 2015

Foreign diplomat helped provide a guarantee

Zhao Liang Technology Leader Luo Xu Liang suspected find diplomats, professors site, deceive and Honduras, said the signing of memorandum of cooperation in cross-border medical practices, whereby illegal fishing unlisted equities sold 1 billion yuan, is Zhaoliang titular professor a new chapter in this afternoon issued a statement denying endorsement, since the network Youtube movie, you can see the Slovak economic and Cultural Office Representative Mr. Michael Kovac last June to witness Zhao Liang Technology platform, the hang ensure means "it will write down of economic cooperation "but reporters call the Slovak economic and Cultural Office in the afternoon, the site had asked the reason, the other party has constantly jumper means" this thing we did not do in response to "make the case more complicated and confusing ..

According to Youtube videos, Luo Xu Liang last June at Le Méridien and Honduras signed a memorandum transnational, claiming the EU century medical manufacturers CHIRANA GROUP, North Integrative Medicine, and Honduras signed a three-year, worth 500 million euros (about NT $ 20 billion yuan) of multinational medical memo was the site of Mr. Michael Kovac witness came to power, said first CHIRANA GROUP representatives, Taipei Medical Faculty of Medicine reason can not come, and refers to the signing of the memorandum, "which will write economic Cooperation a new chapter, from my point of view, the Slovak economic and Cultural Office, I can assure you that this cooperative relations four countries will bring new spark, and I will fully support and watching the four companies combined. "

Since the Taipei Medical has denied partnership with Zhao Liang, also clarified the two sides did not sign, the reporter located the afternoon call Keelung Road Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Slovakia, the site asks Michael Kovac help Zhaoliang reason, a female answer means "this item something we did not do respond," the reporter asked Michael Kovac is still in Taiwan, the other still means "this thing we do not do respond," whether whether there had had help Zhaoliang witness, the other still means " we do not do respond ʱ ??

Reporters asked each other's identity, title, she said, "you'll be connected to the call," asked reporters still did not give up, the other had to ask other colleagues, the back said "we are ready to respond to relevant, will talk to everyone reports "but Kennedy did not disclose the time away.

It is understood that prosecutors will clarify that when Mr. Michael Kovac, Taipei Medical professor Suzheng Yao help Luo et al why the platform, why Luo Xu Liang sudden last year a lot of exposure in the media, did not rule out the interviews on behalf of the site's help, reporters and others to case explained. (Lai and Ka / Taipei)
ained. (Lai and Ka / Taipei)